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The guests of Villa "Aeternum" can enjoy the sun and the sea, whether in a hydro massage pool on the Villa terrace or on a nearby beach, with a breathtaking view of the old town of Vrbnik. However, we are distinguished from majority of apartments in the surrounding area by the fact that we provide our guests with virtually everything needed for an active vacation.

After hydro massage in our pool, exercise in fitness gym and a glass of Vrbnička Žlahtina to wash down fish grilled on a fireplace in our tavern, our guest comes back to his or her everyday life in optimal physical and psychical form. That is what Villa "Aeternum" is all about – complete regeneration of body and soul.

The possibilities to dive, rent a boat, ride a bicycle, run across the untouched slopes, and visit the well-known vineyards of Vrbnik and a nearby goat farm to see how wine and cheese are produced, only supplement the activities we provide you with.

All through the year, we offer beautification through aesthetic medicine treatments – from chemical peeling, filling and removing wrinkles to complete revitalization of face skin. We can also help you if you want to undergo a treatment for recovering full physical form – a combination of healthy diet and physical activity. All of this lets our guests return home rejuvenated, completely regenerated and refreshed… Also, we can organize top dentists’ services.

Every day at Villa "Aeternum" has something new, recuperating and unforgettable to offer. Entrust us with your time, body and spirit – because we want your pleasure to become our pleasure.

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